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Corporate Law

The lawyers in our Corporate Law practice group advise on and litigate in all aspects of corporate law. We represent both small and large businesses and individuals engaged in business activities. We are happy to assist you by providing clear and expert advice in matters such as liability, reorganisations, mergers and debt-collection.

In addition to this, we have extensive litigation experience, whether in interim injunction proceedings or not. Our effective solutions help to make your business a success and ensure that its continuity is safeguarded.

Areas of Expertise

FORT’s Corporate Law practice group advises in the following fields, among others:
Shareholders’ disputes
Shareholders’ agreements
Agency, distribution and franchise agreements
General civil advisory and procedural practice
General Terms and Conditions

Mergers, takeovers and joint ventures
Monetary claims
Commercial disputes
Cooperation agreements
Securities (including lien, mortgage and surety)

Track record

• Fort Advocaten N.V. recently advised Willteco Beheer B.V. in the sale and purchase of 100% of its shares in Willteco BV and in Singapore based company Willtech Ltd. As per 1 July 2014 Willteco, headquartered at Broek op Langedijk, became part of ESI Energy Service International Inc. of the United States.

Willteco was established in 1990 and now has around 30 permanent employees. As an engineering service provider the company specialises onshore in complex maintenance jobs and machine overhauls at waste energy plants. Offshore the company focuses on inspecting, repairing, maintaining and upgrading shallow and deep water drilling rigs.

Advisors Willteco Beheer: Taxand B.V. (Jimmie van der Zwaan) en Fort Advocaten N.V. (Terry Steffens and Helma Sengers)

• Assisting a leading food group in the sale of its wholesale activities.

• Assisting a Chinese semi-public company in the purchase of a Dutch lorry factory.

• Assisting an international producer of vegetable and fruit products in the acquisition of wholesale activities.

• Supervising the purchase and restructuring of a retail chain in the field of kitchens and built-in equipment.

• Supervising the sale of a property company.

• Setting up an investment fund in the field of life sciences.

• Advising on the merger of child day-care organisations.


• Advising and assisting a managing director/shareholder on his imminent removal from a retail chain in the field of healthcare products.

• Removal of a fellow shareholder and financial restructuring of an executive search firm.

• Procedure ten behoeve van meerderheidsaandeelhouders tot uitstoot van een minderheidsaandeelhouder in een mediaonderneming.

• Proceedings for majority shareholders to remove a minority shareholder in a media group.

• Supervising the termination of an international joint venture in the clothing industry.

• Representing a minority shareholder in a national chain of clothing stores on his departure on the grounds of disputes with the majority shareholders.

• Advising and litigating on behalf of a partner on the termination of a general partnership in the healthcare sector.

• Representing a partner in disputes in a partnership in the clothing industry.

• Procedure ten behoeve van een Frans internet kledingbedrijf tegen een provider van betaaldiensten in verband met onrechtmatige inhouding van ontvangen gelden.

• Adviseren van accountants in enquêteprocedure in verband met claims tegen bestuurders wegens vermeend onjuiste financiële verantwoording van omzet door internationale ICT joint venture.

• Adviseren van grote verhuurder van supermarktlocaties bij afsplitsing van het huurcontract door huurders.

• Litigating on behalf of a company against a major bank regarding the wrongful cancellation of a bank guarantee/counter-guarantee.

• Litigating on behalf of a French Internet clothing company against a provider of payment services related to the wrongful withholding of moneys received.

• Advising accountants in investigation proceedings related to claims against managing directors on the grounds of alleged incorrect financial rendering of account on sales by an international ICT joint venture.

• Advising a large landlord of supermarket locations on the division of the lease by tenants. space5]

• Assisting an initiator of property investments outside the Netherlands in proceedings instituted by disappointed investors.

• Representing a company in a dispute with an ICT provider regarding a failed ICT project.

• Proceedings against KPM on the grounds of wrongful termination of a call centre.

• Representing an investor in a communication company in an undesired reorganisation by the majority shareholders.

• Representing an investor in a property company with regard to the wrongful termination of financing by the bank.

• Assisting a joint-venture partner in the demerger of a catering establishment.

• Assisting a housing corporation on its withdrawal from a large-scale housing project with commercial property companies.

• Advising on the wrongful continued financing and refinancing of an automotive company by a banking consortium.


• Advising on disputes within boards of foundations.

• Commercial contracts.

• Advising on, drawing up and negotiating purchase and sales agreements, distribution agreements and agency agreements, and commercial contracts in the food industry, clothing industry, financial and administrative services sector and commercial services sector. Settlement of disputes on wrongful termination, breach of contract and/or payment default.

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