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Frits Kemp

Frits Kemp

Frits Kemp is a partner in FORT’s Corporate Law practice group. Frits specialises in corporate law and insolvency law, and advises a wide range of large companies. He is in charge of FORT’s expanding and well-established Insolvency Law practice group.

He is regularly appointed as an administrator in suspensions of payment or as a trustee in large insolvencies. He has a sound knowledge of the legal aspects of the cases he handles, as well as thorough expertise and experience with the commercial and economic interests involved. Frits is a speaker at many seminars and regularly gives courses and training. He has completed postgraduate specialist courses in Insolvency Law (INSOLAD) and Financial Economy at Grotius Academy. He is a member of the Insolvency Lawyers Association (INSOLAD) and INSOL, its international branch. Frits has been a lawyer since 1988. He founded FORT in 2001 together with three other partners.
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