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Katinka M. Verdurmen

Katinka’s clients know her as a sharp, creative and committed lawyer. She quickly gets to the point and is often the pivot of the cooperation with her client’s other advisors.

Katinka is a partner in FORT’s Property & Government practice group. She has been a lawyer since 1996 and specialises in property law.

She advises, negotiates and litigates on the purchase/sale of commercial and other property, the leasing/letting of industrial premises and the professional liability of estate agents and civil-law notaries. Katinka is regularly involved in the development of new properties and the redevelopment of existing properties, and is a member of FORT’s Project Development working group.

Katinka also gives courses on these subjects. She is furthermore an editor of the Tijdschrift voor Huurrecht Bedrijfsruimte magazine and is in charge of FORT’s Retail & Hospitality practice group.

Postgraduate course(s):

Landlord and Tenant Law at the Association of Landlord and Tenant Lawyers


Landlord and Tenant Lawyers Association (

Recent publications:

Wet Wet Bibob en huur bedrijfsruimten (PDF) (Pdf)

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Track Record

• The turnkey purchase of shopping centres with parking spaces for a large Dutch investor. Transaction amounts of approximately €22 million and €21.5 million.

• Supervision of the sale of a property portfolio (option to buy, ground lease, apartment rights) for a large Dutch investor. Transaction amount of approximately €10 million.


• The supervision of land purchases for a project developer in the province of Noord-Holland, negotiations on cooperation and operating agreements. Transaction amounts between €950,000 and €20 million.

• The supervision of the sale and letting of a new development project, developed by a consortium, consisting of holiday houses, a marina and catering establishments, to a holiday park operator, a marina operator and catering operators, respectively.

• Involved as a team (project development) in the new development of a hospital in the province of Noord Holland.

• Assisting a procedural party in various legal proceedings on the non-performance or incorrect performance by the other party of a turnkey purchase agreement. Litigation amount of approximately €22 million.

• Assisting a procedural party (buyer) in judicial proceedings for the dissolution/annulment of a purchase agreement of land for project development, on the grounds of breach by the seller and error on the part of the buyer. Litigation amount of approximately €20 million.

• Strategic advice on leases and their performance, and on rent adjustments and proceedings in that context, for both tenants (retail trade and catering) and landlords.

• Leases in combination with franchise agreements. Amounts varying from €50,000 to approximately €10 million.

• Advising on the renovation and redevelopment of a shopping centre in a large shopping area. Amount of approximately €50 million.

• Assisting a procedural party in judicial proceedings on the settlement of a lease. Litigation amount of approximately €3.7 million.

• Promoting the interests of various estate agents and their professional liability insurer. Amounts varying from approximately €100,000 to approximately €10 million.

• Drawing up general conditions of a large national estate agent.

• Holding estate agents liable on behalf of clients for professional errors made or incorrectly performed letters of engagement. Amounts varying from €50,000 to approximately €10 million.