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Environmental Law

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Zoning plans  ●  Administrative penalties  ●  Administrative enforcement  ●  Building permits  ●  Contracts between public authorities and private parties  ●  Development plans  ●  Operating permits  ●  Enforcement  ●  Mediation  ●  Environmental permits and exemptions  ●  Monuments and listed buildings  ●  Compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts  ●  Environmental law (WABO– Environmental Permitting (General Provisions) Act)  ●  All-in-one permits  ●  Expropriation  ●  Government liability  ●  Planning blight  ●  Project development  ●  Lawful and unlawful government acts  ●  Spatial planning  ●  Subsidies  ●  Exemptions  ●  Wet Bibob (Public Administration (Property Screening) Act)  ●  Wet Openbaarheid Bestuur (Government Information (Public Access) Act)

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