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Corporate Social Responsibility at FORT

Modesty is a virtue, but FORT does go out of its way to contribute to a better Amsterdam and a better world. First and foremost, FORT aims for a corporate culture in which all our employees feel pleasant and safe and in which talent and enthusiasm are stimulated and appropriately rewarded.


Every little helps, so at Christmas we donate to a charity, we serve Fair Trade coffee, we separate our waste and we attempt to minimise our paper consumption (which used to be enormous). We also invest in sustainable equipment, including our emission-friendly office car. Cycling is even better, of course – both for our employees and for the environment. We have several office bikes available for short distances.

When selecting suppliers we expressly determine to what extent they recognise the importance of corporate social responsibility. Our cleaning company, for instance, was selected on the basis of the ISO 14001 certificate, which sets out the internationally accepted standard that a sound environmental management system must meet.

Fort Advocaten offers a large number of internships each year and aims to attract students with different backgrounds and to give them the opportunity to gain experience within our firm.

Some companies or charities can use a little extra help in the form of legal advice, which in some cases we offer at a reduced rate or even free of charge. We also regularly support start-ups by purchasing their products or services.

Sponsor of Artis

As an Amsterdam law firm, FORT has been a sponsor of Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo for many years. Artis is an important social institution that embraces values with which FORT also identifies, such as nature management, culture and education. FORD has opted to sponsor the European griffon. Why the griffon? Like griffons, lawyers often clean up the “mess” made by others. And, like the poor griffon, they sometimes have a somewhat grim image.

But above all, we take our social responsibility as lawyers very seriously. Independent and trustworthy lawyers are an essential foundation of the rule of law and offer a safeguard against financial injustice, partial authorities and a lax legal system.