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Insolvency Law
& Restructuring

Our insolvency law & restructuring specialists provide expert assistance if your company is in trouble or if your customer’s or supplier’s insolvency has been declared or is imminent.

Together with you, we identify the possibilities of a restructuring or the refinancing of your company to avoid insolvency. We closely monitor new legislation in this field to ensure that no opportunities are overlooked. We also conduct the negotiations with the trustee, the bank, the tax authorities, creditors and all other parties involved. If necessary, we go to court on your behalf.

Our specialists advise and litigate on all aspects of insolvency law and are often appointed as administrators in suspensions of payment and as trusteed in bankruptcies.

How can we help you?

Offering creditors’ schemes  ●  Handling insolvency fraud  ●  Analysing the insolvency risks for the management board or shareholders  ●    Officers’ and directors’ liability  ●  Default management  ●   Restarts  ●  Insolvencies  ●  Restructuring of activities  ●  Restructuring of debts  ●  Fraudulent preference disputes  ●  Pre-pack administration  ●  Legal actions against official receivers  ●  Suspensions of payment  ●  Reclaiming of property  ●  Transactions immediately before an insolvency  ●  Sale of security provided

Track records

Our specialists in insolvency law & restructuring