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Mirre Vermeer

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Mirre Vermeer



  • real estate law
  • leasing law
  • construction law

Mirre is specialised in all aspects of commercial real estate law and focuses primarily on tenancy law, construction law, contract law and real estate acquisitions and transactions.

Her clients are (inter)national parties such as real estate investment funds, asset and property managers, developers and other parties with interests in the real estate sector.

Mirre is happy to assist these parties during proceedings before courts, tribunals or arbitration institutions. She is also regularly involved in real estate transactions and drafting lease or purchase agreements. For her, the greatest challenge is to think along with clients and come up with the best possible solutions. Mirre will always strive to achieve the maximum result for her clients.

Our clients about Mirre in The Legal 500:

Knowledge of the relevant market developments“.

All individuals have both good social and professional skills“.

They think several steps ahead in the process“.

This office works with the most modern techniques and communication resources“.