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Employment Law

Our employment law specialists have established a sound track record over the years and have advised many clients on national and cross-border employment law, dismissal law, incapacity for work, employee participation law, pension law, procedural law, mediation, and fraud in the workplace.

New market conditions may seriously impact a company’s human resource policy and workforce. That calls for a lawyer who thinks and acts professionally, strategically, skilfully and empathically.

We are alert to our clients’ needs and result-oriented. We always aim for practical and creative solutions. If necessary, we will represent you in court.

How can we help you?

Employment contracts  ●  Collective and individual dismissal processes  ●  Reorganisations  ●  Employee participation  ●  Transfers of business  ●  Due diligence investigations  ●  Amendments to employment conditions  ●  Competition disputes  ●  Managing directors (statutair directeuren)  ●  Collective employment agreements  ●  Employers’ liability  ●  Sick employees  ●  Fraud in the workplace  ●  Pension agreements  ●  Amendments to collective pension schemes  ●  Collective and individual transfers of accrued benefits  ●  Disputes on compulsory membership of an industrial pension fund  ●  Restarts after insolvency  ●  Summary dismissals  ●  Work and Security Act (WWZ)  ●  Incapacity for work (extended sick pay)  ●  Appointment and removal from office of managing directors  ●  Settlement agreements  ●  Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses  ●  Manifestly unreasonable dismissal  ●  Equal treatment  ●  Preliminary relief proceedings (including actions for back wages and reinstatement)  ●  Employee participation law (including advice for work councils)  ●  Termination proceedings before the subdistrict court judge  ●  Termination proceedings before the UWV(Employee Insurance Agency)  ●  Contracts for services (management agreements)  ●  Privacy (Internet protocols and email policy)  ●  Reorganisations  ●  Social plans  ●  Employers’ liability  ●  Work permits

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