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Welcome to Fort Advocaten,

specialised in
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Real Estate Law

Corporate Law

Franchise Law

Corporate Litigation

Administrative Law

Mergers & Acquisitions

Employment & Pension Law

Welcome to Fort Advocaten,
specialised in [saeidrotate class=”rotating-home” animation=”flipUp” separator=”,” speed=”4000″]Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Franchise Law, Corporate Litigation, Administrative Law, Employment & Pension Law[/saeidrotate]

FORT Advocaten

Legal advice requires a personal approach. Short lines, dedication and 100% focus on your case. At Fort Advocaten we believe in a multidisciplinary approach. We pool our knowledge and expertise to arrive at the best possible solution. Smart solutions are the outcome of a combination of professionalisms, alertness and a healthy dose of obstinacy. We’re the right firm for you.

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Real Estate Law

Advice on the development, management, purchase, sale or lease of property.

Corporate Law

Advice on contracts and the supervision of reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions.

Insolvency Law & Restructuring

Assisting of companies that are faced with difficulties in a restart, insolvency or restructuring.

Franchise Law

Advice on setting up franchise organisations, recording agreements or settling disputes between franchisors and franchisees.

Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Advice on disputes within companies or partnerships, or on conducting class actions.

Financing & Security

Advice on cancellation of credit, sale or imminent sale of security provided, refinancing, suretyships, bank guarantees and other guarantees.

Administrative Law

Advice on project development, zoning plans, permits or other matters of administrative law.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Advice on and supervision of transactions, such as the purchase and sale of businesses, the participation in companies or the establishment of joint ventures.

Default Management

Assisting business owners and investors who are faced with Default Management.