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Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Our Corporate & Commercial Litigation lawyers are pleased to help you solve and avoid disputes within companies and partnerships.

We combine a thorough knowledge of corporate law and the law of legal entities with many years of litigation experience to protect your interests as a managing director, shareholder, depositary receipt holder or investor/stakeholder in a wide range of conflicts (or imminent conflicts). To name a few examples: abuse of a majority stake, an impasse in the decision-making, mismanagement, an entanglement of interests, good leavers/bad leavers, or simply deception or fraud and other harmful behaviour.

The Corporate & Commercial Litigation practice group litigates before the Netherlands Enterprise Court and the ordinary civil courts. We furthermore regularly conduct class actions for interest groups on behalf of the persons they represent. We also conduct arbitration and binding advice proceedings.

Corporate Litigation at FORT Advocaten

Our lawyers provide customised advice on:

  • Shareholders’ agreements and breach of agreement
  • Share issues and refinancing
  • Entering into or terminating legal cooperation
  • Withholding of information
  • Entanglements of interests
  • Disadvantaging of minority shareholders
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Issue and withdrawal of depositary receipts; depositary receipt holders
  • Collective interests
  • Group liability (Comfort Letters)
  • Discharge from liability
  • Financial settlement and profit appropriation
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Disputes with investors
  • Impasse in the decision-making by the general meeting or the management board
  • Wrongful dividend payments
  • Appointment and removal from office of managing directors and supervisory directors
  • Takeover battles between stakeholders
  • Quarrels within partnerships
  • Breach of acquisition agreements
  • Buy-out or squeeze-out of shareholders
  • Annulment of decisions
  • Dilution of shareholdings
  • Valuation disputes
  • Mismanagement

Partner Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Ondernemingsrecht advocaat Berth Brouwer

Berth Brouwer

Expertise: Corporate Law, Corporate Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Class Actions

Attorneys-at-law Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Laukje van Delft

Laukje van Delft

Expertise: Insolvency Law, Restructuring

Annemiek Nass

Expertise: Corporate Law, Corporate Litigation, Class Actions

Rein Pleiter

Expertise: Corporate Law, Corporate & Commercial Litigation
procesadvocaat Thomas Welschen

Thomas Welschen

Expertise: Corporate Law, Corporate Litigation, Arbitration, Class Actions

Track record

  • Assisting the management board of 175 wholesalers in a takeover battle before the Netherlands Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.
  • Representing law firms, accountants and medical specialists, among others, regarding the termination of their cooperation, the demerger of the business and financial settlements.
  • Assisting a shareholder in an international clothing retail company in a dispute with her fellow shareholders.
  • Assisting a leading transport company in its disputes with stakeholders in the company.

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