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Leasing law

Our leasing law specialists have specialist and extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of leasing law, with regard to both commercial premises (retail, hotels and other business spaces) and residential premises.

The rental sector is in a constant state of flux and development. Many tenants and landlords increasingly value flexibility. The rules imposed by the government are increasingly strict and the consequences of the Corona crisis can be felt in many sectors, resulting in new requirements that leases must meet.

act FORT has operated in the field of leasing law for decades and has acquired in-depth knowledge of the market. That allows our lawyers to identify such developments at an early stage and to advise our clients in all relevant areas.

How can we help you?

Leasing law retail space  ●  Urgent use by the landlord itself  ●  Renovation  ●  Approval of derogation clauses  ●  Rent adjustment  ●  Substitution  ● Leasing law office space  ●  Eviction and protection against eviction  ●  Property management and operation of property  ●  Subletting  ●  Tenant options and break options  ●  Rent disputes  ●  Mediation  ●  Leases  ●  Contract take over  ●  Termination of lease contracts

Our specialists in leasing law