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Raquel Clavijo Valle

Raquel Clavijo Valle

Student-stagiair van 1 juni t/m 31 juli 2017

FORT proved to be a high-class firm with very well recognized attorneys with many years of experience.

The day before I started at FORT I remember well. I am quite a restless person and now I also felt something between nervous and excited. To find some rest, I thought about my commute to my future job for the next two months and realized I needed a bike. So the first thing I did was buying a bicycle.

From the moment I bought it this ‘fiets’ became my loyal friend. On my first ride through the Vondel Park on my way to work, I felt completely amazed. I thought to myself there couldn’t be any bad days with such a beautiful first morning vision. And there weren’t.On my first day, the 1st of June, the complete team welcomed me with open arms, looking out for me and helping me in all my work endeavors. First Nicole kindly introduced me to all the people working in the firm, showed me my workplace and all the coffee places, and – to my big surprise – also to the bar/disco into the basement, where the staff enjoy their ‘borrel’ in the winters.

When I started to work verything was new to me.
The first days were a challenge. It was the first time I had to work in a different language than my mother tongue (Spanish) and it was quite strange being the only foreigner in a firm of 47 Dutch speakers.
I can’t imagine any language being as tough as Dutch. I didn’t understand a word! And the worst is that, after two months, I can still only say about four words.

Despite this, working in the branch of international law had always been a dream for me. Since I was little, I have been interested in the process of globalization.
At FORT I had the opportunity to work closely on international cases.
I did lots of research , digging deep in the study of European treaties, directives and decisions. More and moreI realized the huge importance of not only understanding and knowing European and International law, but also putting this into practice.

To anyone who wants to purse their career at an international or European level, is an experience that cannot be missed.

For me, doing my internship in FORT couldn’t be a better choice. FORT proved to be a high-class firm with very well recognized attorneys with many years of experience. In size it is a midsized firm, but it has the familiarity of a small firm, and the diversity of work and seriousness of a big one.

All the lawyers, partners, secretaries, assistants treated me from the first time like I was one of them. I felt totally at home, in a ambitious and serious work environment, where all the people got along very well with each other, and where the teamwork is the key to success. It felt great to be involved in such a great law firm as an active participant.

If you are reading this, and you are not yet sure if you want to venture into an internship, I can absolutely recommend you to apply for the FORT stage. You cannot miss the opportunity of staying in a well-known law firm as FORT, located in the gorgeous Amsterdam, a never-ending city, where you will find a lot of cultural activities and entertainment.

Oh and I almost forget a very interesting aspect of my internship! After a long working week, here in Holland they have the so called “casual Friday”. People are dressed casual and after a hard working week they have a drink together.
It is a good way to create ties between colleagues, and to see them outside of the normal work atmosphere. The drinking locations are special too. In summer, in the back yard of the building with a view on the Vondel park , and in winter in our own bar downstairs.

This is one of the best professional experiences that a law student could have. In this nowadays more open world, an opportunity like this, it is not to be missed. This experience has been just unforgettable.

Raquel Clavijo Valle